Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Army United 2-1 Chonburi

Army United booked their place in the last 8 of the Thai FA Cup as they knocked out current holders Chonburi 2-1.

The Bangkok side produced one of their best performances since the early days of the season to beat a sluggish looking Chonburi side.

Army United had the better of the first half, but they failed to pierce the Shark's rearguard early on as their final ball from midfield lacked quality and they kept getting caught offside.

On 33 minutes, Army's attacking persistence paid off when Leandro impishly got between the two Chonburi central defenders and managed to squeeze a shot under Sintaweechai's body. The current Thai number one will be disappointed that he didn't keep out the Brazilians effort.

After the break, Chonburi made a couple of changes and their game improved. The Sharks had a couple of half chances, but the Army seemed to be whittling the clock down with the aid of constant treatment for injured players.

Just as the Blue Blood had almost given up hope, Pipob popped up with one of his customary headers to level matters with 5 minutes left on the clock.

The relief of the travelling support only lasted a couple minutes as second half substitute, Kraisorn, broke free of the Chonburi defence and coolly slotted the ball into the net for the winner.

With virtually the last kick of the game,  Leandro received his second yellow card for petulantly blocking a Chonburi free-kick in their own half from 2 yards. That dismissal may come back to haunt the Home of Gentlemen in the next round.

Despite their antics, Army United deserved the win and they'll be hoping that they can carry this form over to the league performances.

As for Chonburi, their four pronged attack on the TPL, TLC, AFC Cup an FA Cup has unfortunately disappeared. It's now time to rebuild and focus on the 2012 season.

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  1. Watched the highlights clip. Army's 2nd goal had suspicions of offside, but was onside.
    I didn't realise Suree hauled down Leandro by the neck seconds before he was sent off. That might explain his petulant reaction.