Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kasetsart 1-1 Ratchaburi

Kasetsart kept their slim hopes of promotion to Division 1 alive after they equalised late on to cancel out a controversial goal from Ratchaburi.

Leandro and Alves
They game was switched at the last minute from the Thephasadin to the Supachalasi as there were supposed to be many evacuees from the Thai floods being granted free admission to the game, and the larger stadium was the preferred venue. I didn't see many evacuees, but the match was noteworthy for the attendance of several TPL foreign players.

For 70 minutes today, this game was sailing along inconspicuously towards a goalless stalemate.

That changed with 20 minutes remaining when David Bayiha opened the scoring. As Kasetsart broke from defence, Bayiha lay pole-axed just outside the Bangkok side's box. The attack broke down and as Ratchaburi attacked, the striker still lay motionless in the box. Once the attack reached the penalty box, the injured player, just like the Eddie Murphy character in Trading Places, could miraculously walk again, and he rose to smash Hassan's cut back into the net.
Time for a walk off

Kasetsart's coach, Phanipol, knew his sides promotion hopes were evaporating and in desperation, he tried to pull his team off the pitch. The game was delayed for about 6 minutes until the beleaguered coach allowed his players to restart the game.

In my opinion, the referee was correct to award the goal as under the letter of the law, Bayiha wasn't interfering with play when Ratchaburi attacked, and by the time he got to his feet, he was onside. However under the rules of fair play, his actions were disgraceful!! He should have been ashamed of himself, but he seemed to celebrate his goal without any hint of remorse. On the other hand, Kasetsart should just have got on with the game rather than try to stage a walk off. It's pointless and childish!!

Super save
On 86 minutes, or 80 if you don't count the delay, Kasetsart equalised when the unmarked Supramit netted from the back post after a ball from the right hadn't been cleared by Ratchaburi.

The action wasn't over as both keepers had to produce acrobatic saves to keep the game at 1-1 in the dying minutes.

Overall 1-1 was a fair result. Kasetsat have 7 games left and probably need 6 wins if they wish to secure promotion. It's looks doubtful as they seem to lack striking options upfront. Ratchaburi on the other hand, have decent strikers and I reckon they'll be good enough to finish in the top 2.


  1. For the first time ever, I almost have sympathy for a walk off. What a c***!

  2. Yep, digraceful behaviour, but no need for the walkoff.
    Bad result for you guys today. It looks like it's going to be 2 from 4. It may come down to the last game between Korat and Roi Et.

  3. It had crossed my mind: a winner-takes-all final day showdown against Roiet! Fairly even game today. Krabi scored a pretty scrappy goal against the run of play just before halftime, but were good enough to hold onto that lead. We are becoming very one-dimensional: just endless long balls today hoping that our sole striker will get on the end of one. On the plus side, big, big crowd and our destiny is still in our own hands.

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  5. The above post was removed due the blogger talking bollocks

  6. On viewing the replay, there wasn't anything particularly scrappy about their goal, but it looked it from 100+metres away.

  7. Your goal was caused by sloppy marking. There are 3 of your players stood next to each other in the centre of the goal while to two Krabi players are free at the back post.
    The Kaset v Ratchaburi clip doesn't show the full build up to the Ratchaburi goal and then the subsequent protests.

  8. How difficult is it to mark someone? It's remarkable how often you see goals like this.