Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Division 2 'Champions League' Draw

The draw was made today for the Division 2 Champions League. North Bangkok should be the happier of the two Bangkok sides with the draw. Krabi and Roiet will start as favorites in North Bangkok's group, although for me, Korat and Rayong are both a good outside bet.
Kasetsart have a difficult task to win promotion now that they've been drawn with Phitsanoluk and Ratchaburi. Toyota League Cup semi-finalists, Pattalung, will also prove to be difficult opponents.
Each side will play each other home and away and the top 2 after 10 games in each group will be promoted to Division 1.

Loei City

North Bangkok
Rayong FC
Roi Et

Fixtures Group A
(Oct 15)
Kasetsart v Pattalung
Ratchaburi v Phichit
Phitsanoluk v Loei City

(Oct 22)
Loei v Kasetsart
Ratchaburi v Phitsanoluk
Pattalung v Phichit

(Oct 30)
Kasetsart v Ratchaburi
Phichit v Phisanoluk
Pattalung v Loei

(Nov 6)
Loei v Phichit
Ratchaburi v Pattalung
Phitsanoluk v Kasetsart

(Nov 12)
Loei v Ratchaburi
Pattalung v Phitsanoluk
Phichit v Kasetsart

(Nov 19)
Kasetsart v Phichit
Ratchaburi v Loei
Phitsanoluk v Pattalung

(Nov 26)
Kasetsart v Phitsanoluk
Phichit v Loei
Pattalung v Ratchaburi

(Dec 3)
Loei v Pattalung
Ratchaburi v Kasetsart
Phitsanoluk v Phichit

(Dec 11)
Kasetsart v Loei
Phitsanoluk v Ratchaburi
Phichit v Pattalung

(Dec 18)
Loei v Phitsanoluk
Phichit v Ratchaburi
Pattalung v Kasetsart

Fixtures Group B
(Oct 16)
Roi Et v Korat
Lamphun v Nth Bangkok
Rayong v Krabi

(Oct 23)
Krabi v Roi Et
Lamphun v Rayong
Korat v Nth Bkk

(Oct 29)
Roi Et v Lamphun
Nth Bkk v Rayong
Korat v Krabi

(Nov 5)
Krabi v Nth Bkk
Rayong v Roi Et
Lamphun v Korat

(Nov 13)
Nth Bkk v Roi Et
Krabi v Lamphun
Korat v Rayong

(Nov 20)
Roi Et v Nth Bkk
Rayong v Korat
Lamphun v Krabi

(Nov 27)
Nth Bkk v Krabi
Roi Et v Rayong
Korat v Lamphun

(Dec 4)
Krabi v Korat
Rayong v Nth Bkk
Lamphun v Roi Et

(Dec 10)
Nth Bkk v Korat
Roi Et v Krabi
Rayong v Lamphun

(Dec 17)
Krabi v Rayong
Nth Bkk v Lamphun
Korat v Roi Et

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