Sunday, September 30, 2012

Division 2 Champions League Draw & Fixtures

Group A 
Ayutthaya, Roi Et Utd, Pattani, Phitsanoluk, Rayong Utd, Paknampo NSRU

Group B
Thai Honda, Chiang Mai FC, Trang, Rayong FC, Sisaket Utd, Trat

The are two mini-leagues of six and the teams will play each other home and away. After 10 matches, the top two sides in the groups will be promoted to the first division.
The first round of fixtures will be played next weekend:

Group A
Pattani v Roi Et Utd (6 Oct)
NSRU v Phitsanoluk (6 Oct)
Ayutthaya v Rayong Utd (7 Oct)

(14 Oct)
NSRU v Pattani
Roi Et Utd v Ayutthaya
Rayong Utd v Phitsanoluk

(20 Oct)
Phitsanoluk v Pattani
Rayong Utd v Roi Et Utd
Ayutthaya v NSRU

(28 Oct)
Pattani v Ayutthaya
Roi Et v Phitsanoluk
NSRU v Rayong Utd

(3 Nov)
Rayong Utd v Pattani
Roi Et Utd v NSRU
Phitsanoluk v Ayutthaya

(11 Nov)
Rayong Utd v Ayutthaya
Phitsanoluk v NSRU
Roi Et Utd v Pattani

(17 Nov)
Pattani v NSRU
Ayutthaya v Roi Et Utd
Phitsanoluk v Rayong Utd

(25 Nov)
Pattani v Phitsanoluk
Roi Et Utd v Rayong Utd
NSRU v Ayutthaya

(1 Dec)
Ayutthaya v Pattani
Phitsanoluk v Roi Et Utd
Rayong Utd v NSRU

(9 Dec)
Pattani v Rayong Utd
NSRU v Roi Et Utd
Ayutthaya v Phitsanoluk

Group B
(7 Oct)
Trat v Trang
Thai Honda v Sisaket Utd
Rayong FC v Chiang Mai FC

(13 Oct)
Thai Honda v Trat
Trang v Rayong FC
Chiang Mai FC v Sisaket Utd

(21 Oct)
Sisaket Utd v Trat
Rayong FC v Thai Honda
(22 Oct)
Chiang Mai FC v Trang

(27 Oct)
Trat v Rayong FC
Thai Honda v Chiang Mai FC
Trang v Sisaket Utd (28 Oct)

(3 Nov)
Chiang Mai FC v Trat
(4 Nov)
Trang v Thai Honda
Sisaket Utd v Rayong FC

(10 Nov)
Trang v Trat
Sisaket Utd v Thai Honda
Chiang Mai FC v Rayong FC

(18 Nov)
Trat v Thai Honda
Rayong FC v Trang
Sisaket Utd v Chiang Mai FC

(24 Nov)
Trat v Sisaket Utd
Trang v Chiang Mai FC
Thai Honda v Rayong FC

(2 Dec)
Rayong FC v Trat
Chiang Mai FC v Thai Honda
Sisaket Utd v Trang

(8 Dec)
Trat v Chiang Mai FC
Thai Honda v Trang
Rayong FC v Sisaket Utd

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