Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Army United 0-0 Chainat - Match Abandoned After 5 Mins

Tonight's Thai FA Cup quarter final was abandoned after 5 minutes due to a rare January rain storm.

As I was heading towards the stadium, it was unusually dark in the eastern Bangkok skyline. My thoughts were, "It's January, surely it won't rain" - how wrong was I as it started pissing down at about 6.30pm!!

The pitch at the Army Stadium usually holds up well in the rain, but tonight it didn't.

The game started yet within a couple of minutes, it was blatantly obvious that the pitch was unplayable. The referee called a halt to the match after 5 minutes as the ball was being sucked up by the puddles on the pitch.

An announcement was made that the play would resume in 45 minutes, but it never did as the rain continued.

The result was that the game was abandoned and will be replayed tomorrow evening.

Other FA Cup results:

Loei City 0-4 Songkla
Buriram PEA 2-0 BEC Tero
Muangthong 4-0 Sriracha

Team line-ups

Match action

Ref calls a halt to play

Officials test pitch - no joy :(


  1. Was that the second 'abandoned game' you've been to this season?

  2. This season, but not this year. Lol!! The other one as you probably know was Thai Port v Bangkok Glass. You certainly don't expect games in Thailand to be abandoned in January for rain!!
    2011 was a bad year in Thailand, but I hope this isn't a sign of things to come for 2012 :(

  3. Two in one season is impressive! I wonder if any of the Thai football twitterers can top that? I hope there's some video footage of the 'game' knocking about on youtube. It should be good for a laugh.

    Hope the rain holds off tomorrow. You going to watch the re-match?

  4. Won't be at the rematch tonight. I'll save myself for Saturday. There are a couple of decent matches to choose from in Bangkok this weekend.