Friday, January 27, 2012

Division 1 - Average Attendances

The average attendances below for the season have been taken from the official Thai Premier League site. To calculate the figures, I just added up each teams home attendances and divided it by the number of games played.
The figures given on the TPL site are often debatable and if no official attendance is given then the crowd is often estimated.

Division 1 (2011)
12,633 Songkla
8,687 Chiang Mai
7,542 Buriram FC
4,466 Phuket
3,624 Chainat
2,427 Suphanburi
2,312 PTT Rayong
2,258 Chantaburi
2,115 Saraburi
1,361 Air Force
917 Bangkok FC
848 Raj Pracha
798 BBCU
772 RBAC
705 JW Rangsit
694 Customs
621 Bangkok United
462 Thai Honda


  1. pretty good figures for a 2nd tier comp I reckon!

  2. Yep especially the teams in the provinces. The top 9 supported teams are all in the provinces while the bottom 9 are are in the Bangkok metropolis

  3. Kudos to the Chiang Mai fans who turned out indecent numbers, despite spending most of the season in the drop zone.

  4. Comical typo: that should be 'in decent numbers', not 'indecent numbers'

  5. Just imagine how many they'd get if they had a successful team to watch. It will be interesting to see if the locals follow TTM next season.