Sunday, July 17, 2011

Raj Vithi 2-1 Prachinburi FC

10 men Raj Vithi came from behind at the Regency Stadium to beat fellow promotion contenders Prachinburi 2-1.

This could be described as a game of 3 thirds. The first 2 were devoid of any action while the last one was entertaining.

The catalyst for sparking this game into life was the sending off of a Raj Vithi defender on 60 minutes. Up until then, Prachinburi had been slightly better than the home side and this seemed to be the break that the game had been waiting for.

It didn't take Prachinburi long to cash in on their man advantage. On 70 minutes they took the lead and most spectators in the stadium thought that would be the end of the contest.

Unexpectedly, Raj Vithi equalized a few minutes later and with a couple of minutes left in the 90, they scored a winner to achieve an unlikely comeback.

The Regency Stadium


  1. Wow. That 'stadium' is, er, modest! Leafy, though.

  2. Yes, very leafy! I couldn't see the corner of the pitch as a tree was blocking my view.
    You might get the chance to visit here if Raj Vithi and Nakhon Ratchasima meet in the playoffs.