Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kasetsart 0-0 Bangkok Christian

Kasetsart and Bangkok Christian fought out a 0-0 draw in wet conditions at the Kasetsart University Stadium.
Kasetsart (red) v Bangkok Christian

Free kick
Bangkok Christain had obviously done their homework and were tactically prepared to suppress Kasetsart's counter attacking game. The away side played with 2 defensive midfielders shielding the back four and left lone striker, Brice Henri, to fend for himself upfront. The big striker was unlucky to have an early goal ruled out for an infringement. From where I was sitting, it looked like very minimal contact was made when Henri dispossessed the Kasestsart defender.

Fon Tok
The away side seemed content to sit back and invited their hosts to attack them. Kasetsart lacked initiative and never looked likely to breach the BCC defense. Towards the end of the match, Bangkok Christian threw on a couple of attackers and indicated that they might snatch a goal on the counter attack. By this time, it had been raining steadily for an hour, and the pitch was becoming extremely difficult to play on. Kasetsart had one last chance near the end. The BCC defense stood still believing that the play had been halted. It hadn't and Nattapat was clear through on goal. As he was about to pull the trigger he slipped, and the ball went wide of the goal. Nil - nil was the final score, and a point a piece was a fair outcome.

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