Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nontaburi FC 0-0 Royal Thai Fleet

Nontaburi Provincial Stadium
Thankfully the Nontaburi Stadium allows you to drink alcohol inside the stadium, otherwise this would have been an incredibly long 90 minutes. In all honesty, it was a dire spectacle for the couple of hundred in attendance. Even though Nontaburi had more of the possession, they never troubled a Thai Fleet goalkeeper who constantly punched every high ball that came near him.
The Eka

Nontaburi were missing some key players today but their 4-5-1 formation was a strange one considering they were playing the 3rd worst team in the league at home. The only thing that burst into life during the game was the torrential downpour which started 5 minutes before full time.

The Eka have struggled to score goals this season and on today's evidence I can see why. There are still a few days left until the transfer window shuts, so signing a quality striker must be a priority for Nontaburi if they want to challenge for the Division 2 Champions league play offs at the end of the season.

The Downpour

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