Sunday, June 26, 2011

Football & Politics

Football and politics go hand-in-hand together just like a 70 year old western tourist and an 18 year old Thai bar girl do. Basically it doesn’t look good from the outside, but from within the deal might be a good one. One party will get hold off something that they might not be able to do otherwise, while the other party is content that their bank balance might increase by a digit or two.

The reason why I mention football and politics is that the Thai General Election will take place next Sunday on the 3rd July. Today there is an advance voting election for those who are unable to vote next Sunday. To anyone who is familiar with Thai politics, you’ll know that there has been plenty of political turmoil in the Land of Smiles over the last few years.  No matter what the result is on Election Day, there may be ramifications afterwards that might affect the Thai football schedule.

Worapong Tantiwetyanon

On a recent visit to Thai Port, I noticed that the local candidate for the upcoming election was using football and politics to advertise his campaign poster. The man in question is local business tycoon and owner of ‘Super Rich,’ Worapong Tantiwetyanon. Thai Port play in Khlong Toei, and as it is red-hot Pheu Thai territory, he’ll be expecting to win that seat.

From a foreigner’s point of view, election weekend is tedious and pointless. We're not allowed to vote and if we do have an opinion it's usually ignored by most Thais.

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Anyway, let’s keep our fingers crossed that everything passes by peacefully and that our football schedule can continue as normal. The FAT are currently doing a great job of reorganizing the football schedule every couple of weeks. We don't want unforeseen political events to get in their way.

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