Friday, June 17, 2011

Characters at Thai Football Games - Part 2 (The Thai Family)

The Reluctant Father
Once upon a time, father dreamt about being the first ever Thai player to score the winning goal for either Manchester United or Liverpool in the FA Cup final at Wembley Stadium. These days those dreams are long gone as he has reluctantly accepted his role as the head of the family and part-time taxi driver. At the game, he will quietly stare at the football wishing that he was somewhere else. He will tentatively try to edge away from his family during the game without much success.

The Disinterested Mother

The disinterested mother has absolutely no interest in football. She is only tagging along to make sure that her hubby isn’t nipping off to see his 16 year-old gig (bit on the side).  Nevertheless, she is a great favorite with the food vendors outside the stadiums as she will purchase enough food to feed a Thai village. If you want to track her, you can easily follow her trail by the path of discarded monkey nut shells that she has left behind. 

The Hyperactive Kid
The hyperactive kid will jump, leap, hop, skip, cry, fight, shout, run. Basically you can insert any action verb apart from ‘watch’ the bastard game. The youngster is an expert at staring out farangs and isn’t shy to point out the obvious that there is a Caucasian in the vicinity. Thankfully by the second half, the little cherub is tired and will be cradled fast asleep into disinterested mother’s arms. 

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