Thursday, February 7, 2013

Winnie's After Match Comments & Goals Clip

Here's what Winfried Scafer had to say after the disappointing 3-1 loss to Kuwait:

This evening was disappointing for everyone. Congratulation goes to Kuwait. The yellow cards at the beginning were not an expression of fair play, but of fighting spirit and the uncompromising will to succeed is the basis for sporting achievement. Sometimes that looks ugly, but it works. A long term preparation under perfect conditions, the close by golf cup, all of that gave them confidence. Anyway if you want to be successful international you have to face such an attitude and I am sure we can do that, I am sure we can do better, much better and that’s why I am disappointed. We have a lot to discuss, a lot to plan for Lebanon.

We have to do everything possible to prepare as good as possible and then we have still a good chance.

In the next weeks I will visit the clubs, take a look at the players, there some new ones in my focus and I will look for a dialogue with the team manager and the president to discuss all the issues that must be discussed and plan the next important steps so develop and improve.

After such a sad evening three points that made me very happy:

Adul. He fought with a nasty injury the last week but today he was fearless and ready to give it all. A real man, a fighter, a player of always 100%. You can be proud Chonburi, that’s a real jewel.

Jay, the little whirlwind. He is Thailand’s future, so be warned Asia.

And… I know I repeat myself. You, the fans again. To make it short. cheer even after a 3:0 when we made a goal, that’s outstanding and touched us all. Thank you so much. But I really think the Rajamangala isn’t the best choose for a game at Wednesday night. Not easy for you to reach it, so we are even more thankful for your support. Hope the FA will find an alternative next time.
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