Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Review 19-20 November

Khon Kaen 1-1 Osotspa
Bangkok Glass 0-0 Pattaya
Samut Songkhram 0-1 Chonburi
Buriram PEA 6-1 TTM Phichit

Buriram PEA spanked TTM Phichit 6-1 as they moved 12 points clear of Muangthong United at the top of the TPL. The impressive Franck Ohandza moved joint top of the goalscoring charts as he bagged himself 4 goals. A crowd of 1,495 turned up at the Yamaha Stadium to watch Bangkok Glass and Pattaya play out a stalemate. In Samut Songkhram, Chonburi scored a 78th minute goal to earn a 1-0 victory. In the only Saturday game, Khon Kaen were held to a 1-1 draw by Osotspa and the T-Rex stay bottom of the league.

Division 1
RBAC 0-2 Buriram FC
Suphanburi 1-2 Saraburi
Chantaburi 0-2 Thai Honda

RBAC remain in the relegation places as they went down 2-0 to TPL bound Buriram FC. Meanwhile Thai Honda's 2-0 win in Chantaburi wasn't enough to lift them off the foot of the table, but it was sufficient to keep them in check with the rest of the relegation pack.

Division 2 Play-offs
(Group A)
Ratchaburi 1-1 Loei City
Kasetsart 2-1Phichit
Phitsanoluk 1-1 Pattalung

(Group B)
Roi Et 0-1 North Bangkok
Rayong 3-2 Korat
Lamphun 1-3 Krabi

It's as you were in Group A as the top 4 sides cancelled each other out with 1-1 draws. Pattalung would have been delighted with a point up at Phitsanoluk whereas Ratchaburi would have been disappointed of being pegged back by a 82nd minute Loei equalizer. Kasetsart were the only winners in the group this weekend as they finally won a game in the play-offs. The university side's victory was achieved at their Kampeang Saen campus in Nakhon Pathom.

It was more good news for the Bangkok sides as North Bangkok surprisingly earned a 1-0 victory at Roi Et. The late winner from the Horsemen inflicted Roi Et's first home league defeat on the pitch this season. Prior to this weekend, the Lamphun Stadium had played host to three consecutive 0-0 draws. The Lampun supporters finally witnessed some goals, unfortunately, most at the wrong end of the pitch as Krabi won 3-1. That victory now has the side from the south looking odds on for promotion.The game between Rayong and Korat was a lively one as Rayong ran out 3-2 winners. The Wild Horses finished the game with 10 men and at the final whistle a brawl erupted between opposition players which then subsequently spread into the stands between spectators. It now looks increasingly likely that Rayong and Korat will keep fighting each other on a football front to join Krabi in Divison 1 next season.

After 6 Matches:
(Group A) Pattalung 13, Ratchaburi 12, Loei 8, Phitsanoluk 7, Phichit 6, Kasetsart 4
(Group B) Krabi 14, Rayong 11, Korat 10, Roi Et 6, Nth Bkk 5, Lamphun 3


  1. re Rayong v Korat : I can't comment on what happened in the stands (looking forward to Vinnie's version of events) but, based on what I've seen on YouTube, a couple of the Rayong players should be banned for a very long time.

  2. From what I saw on TV, I'd say that the Rayong players were the aggressors. You also had non-playing staff of Rayong running on to the field to launch kung-fu kicks on Korat players. Why they had to get involved is beyond me!!
    I heard that Korat fans had to be held in the stadium for 30 mins after the match for their own safety. As you said, Vinnie will fill us in with the details. Talking of which, his absence has been noted today. I hope he made it out of Rayong safely!!

  3. To be honest, it's the age-old problem of completely indisciplined Thai players aided and abetted by equally indisciplined coaches. Thai football is never going to get very far for as long as we've got these dinosaurs passing on their poisonous ways to young players.

    You don't have to be a biased Korat fan to see that Rayong were the instigators; it's on video for all to see. Number 10 elbows Etoundi of Korat. In an attempt to disguise his violation he feigns injury. Etoundi in no way reacts to being elbowed in the face and yet number 11, who clearly needs some kind of anger management counselling, decides to start attacking Etoundi.

    In four years I've never seen Korat players involved in a mass brawl of this nature and I attach very little blame to our players concerning this incident, and I don't think I'm being blinkered. Bits and bobs off the pitch didn't really surprise me. Rayong fans have a bit of a reputation, and the followers of the now defunct Navy Rayong used to be a bit lively. I'm guessing it's a lot of the dame people.

    I can deal with fans acting like dickheads. Unfortunately, it's just inevitable that there will be crowd trouble from time to time. But for professional coaches and players to behave in such a way is just inexcusable.

    Onwards and upwards, though. Those two goals mean that we've got the head-to-head advantage over Rayong, and as they're at Roiet this weekend and we're at home to Lamphun we've got a great chance of reclaiming second place.

    Can't help but smile at Roiet's plight. No club was more vocal about their plans for Division 1 than the 'White Squirrels'. Looks like they and their paid away support have at least another season of RL football to put up with. Som num na.

  4. The Rayong players and staff were out of order at the end of the match. If you win a game the normal reaction is to celebrate or taunt the opposition if they annoy you!!

    On the football front, Krabi would need to self-implode not to go up. Roi Et basically need 4 wins to stand any chance of promotion. So realistically it's between you and Rayong for that second place.

    The Swatcats should be looking for 6 points from Lamphun and North Bangkok. Anything from Krabi would be a bonus. The last day will be interesting as you host Roi Et and Rayong travel to Krabi. You got to hope by then that Krabi still have something to play for as otherwise they might take their foot off the pedal.

    Btw, what did you think of the non-penalty award when the Rayong Player kicked the Korat man in ths face? The ref gave an indirect free-kick. Bizarre!!

  5. You're right that we should be looking for 6 points from those two games, but which North Bangkok is going to turn up?! The group is so unpredictable. I have a very strong hunch that we will get something out of the Krabi away game. In fact, for no good reason, I'm more confident of us getting something from that game than from the North Bangkok game.
    Krabi are doing well, but, then again, they have played bottom-of-the-table Lamphun twice. Krabi's final three games are against Korat, Roiet and Rayong - a difficult run in. Krabi may well still need a point to be sure from that final game but there's also a chance that Roiet will be mathematically out of contention by the final game and so will also have nothing to play for.

    Re: the penalty that wasn't: he must have given it for dangerous play.

    Are you going to North Bangkok v Krabi this weekend? If so, see if you can try and glean from a North Bangkok player/official/fan where they are hoping to play their game against us. Cheers.

  6. I'm not working again until 6th Dec (not by my choice) so I've decided to head out of town this weeknend as I won't get another chance to get away until March. My destination is believe it or not, Rayong. If possible, I might try to get along to Navy v PEA on Sunday.
    Personally, I hope that the Nth bkk v Korat game is at the Army. If not I'd prefer Thephasdin over Chula.
    Anyway, the Nth Bkk fans are the most unthreatening in the world. In fact, they are amusing to be around. Plenty of university girls and overly camp dudes to amuse you!!

  7. That's fair enough; I'll find out in due course. Just hoping for a stadium that's easy to find by public transport. I could easily get to Chula, Thephasadin or Army; I wouldn't be so confident of finding a stadium in Pathum Thani.