Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thephasadin Stadium - BEC Tero v BG (Preview)
The Thephasadin Stadium sat in the shadows of the Supasalasai National Stadium is currently home to TPL side BEC Tero Sasana and Division 2 side Bangkok Christian.  It has to be said though, that it is one of my least favorite stadiums in Thailand. In reality, it shouldn’t be this way. The stadium is centrally located and has great access to public transport.  The opportunity for a pre/post match pint or two in one of the air-con pubs of Sukhumvit or Silom is reachable by the skytrain in roughly 10 minutes. With an abundance of shopping centers close-by, it’s a great place for wifey to go out shopping for a couple of hours if you fancy some time alone at the football.

Plenty legroom
So why do I dislike the stadium? Well, anybody over 160cm tall who’s been there will tell it’s a tight squeeze sitting in the cramped seats. Wherever you sit in the Thephasadin, it's virtually impossible to get comfortable or even have a decent view. There is a running track around the pitch and sitting in the two small stands on either side of it makes you feel like you’re miles away from the pitch.  If you’re sat in the middle part of the main stand the dugouts block the view, while the quieter seats towards the ends give you a good view of the corner flag but little else. And while you’re sat there in your cramped seat struggling to watch the game, the loudest PA system in Thailand is on hand to blast your ears with useless information from the squawking, overexcited compares. 

As the only decent game in Bangkok today is BEC Tero v Bangkok Glass, it's a trip to the Thephasadin for me this evening. It should be a good game and I predict that BecTero will be too strong for the Glass Rabbits.

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